With Autonomously you can create and send shipments, packages, letters and documents anywhere in the world with the latest IoT technology. Ship a package globally and track it independent of the carrying courier tracking system. Autonomously uses NFC technology by encoding the shipper or receiver details in an NFC tag (NTAG NFC FORUM) as well as the parcel details like reference & tracking numbers, package origin and destination. These details are overlaid with a code. The code called AD Code is the only thing displayed onscreen when the NFC tag is scanned. Once a shipment is created and these details are encoded into an NFC tag it is then affixed on the package to be shipped. The NFC tag is scanned at each necessary point during the package transit lifecycle time. For example, package created, dispatched, picked up, transferred, customs cleared, delivered, received and so on. Each scan creates a communication or is added to an existing chain of communications. These communications tell a complete story of the movement of the package while in transit and can be tracked by the receiver or shipper instantly as they occur. Autonomously is universal and is compatible with any courier technology or system whether big or small. Just download the app and you are ready to go. If your parcel experiences delivery issues, goes missing or lost it can easily be found by the last communication which will show when, where and who initiated the communication, eliminating the confusion as to its whereabouts. Track your Autonomously package in the app by tapping on the tracking button. View your shipping history and their status. Also, incoming and outgoing shipment feature makes it possible to be able to view your incoming shipments instantly as they are created by anyone anywhere. With each created shipment You will receive SMS notifications as your shipment is being created.